December 2023

During a high school night out, two best friends are forced to grapple with uncertainty and what their love for each other does, or doesn't, mean for their friendship.


Written and Directed by Aidan Blain
Edited by Omar Abdelhamid

Starring: Slaterrose and Homer Gere

Featuring: Lola Mia Jamin, Adisah Grimes, Octavio Rodriguez, Joelle Faden, Michael Connors, Anton Amir Hedayat

Director of Photography: Zen Ysaguirre
Head Producer: Shaman Aponte
Producers: Celine Dipp, Duke O'Callahan, Dorrit Corwin
Colorist: Zen Ysaguirre
First Assistant Director: Piper Samuels
Second Assistant Director: Zoe Redlich
First Camera Assistant: Kierra Usher
Second Camera Assistant: Sarah Jean Williams
Grips: Kenneth Vargas, Bella Kimbrough, Mikayla Heslin, Asya Gipson, Kareli Lopez
Score by: Lev Sheinfeld
Production Sound Mixer: Louie Lopez
Sound Mixing: Omar Abdelhamid
Production Assistants: Asya Gipson, Madye Arundale
Script Supervisor: Kanan Levin
Title and Poster Design: Madye Arundale
Credits: Zoe Creane
Food Coordinator: Tony Blain
Track Coordinator: Derek Knight
Behind the Scenes: Mia Humphrey, Andrew Padilla
Extras: Bryce Smith, Duke O'Callahan, Kanan Levin, Mikayla Heslin, Asya Gipson, Kenneth Vargas, Bella Kimbrough
Special Thanks: Fran and Tony Blain, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, The Blue Room

An Afterhours Production